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E.ON renovate for summer

E.ON”sScrobySands Offshore Wind Farm VisitorCentre in Great Yarmouth has been given a new look ready for the summerseason.

The new look interior includes bright visuals to provide visitors withfacts about ScrobySands, as well as E.ON”s otherwind farms across the country and offers visitors the chance to learn moreabout the site and renewable energy.

The centre also offers an educational area, providing a space where childrenfrom local schools can visit, experience and learn about energy outsidethe classroom.

The interactive learning environment supports the national curriculum andE.ON say is designed to help encourage young people interested in pursuinga career in the energy industry. A life size visual is now on display ofone of E.ON”s apprentice wind turbine technicians, 20 year old Amy Harriswho is now completing her apprenticeship at E.ON”s Humber Gateway basein Grimsby.

Brandon Lewis MP for Great Yarmouth visited the visitor centre to see howit has developed and how it continues to educate visitors about wind energy.

Brandon Lewis MP, said: “It was fantastic to visit again the ScrobySands Visitor Centre and see how things have changed and evolved. Thereis so much potential in the offshore renewable industry, but we need tomake sure that local people, young and old, are aware of the opportunities.Facilities like the visitor centre play a vital role, in spreading thismuch-needed information.”

Peter Lawson, Scroby Sands Site Manager at E.ON, said: “We”re delightedonce again to welcome Brandon Lewis MP who officially opened the visitorcentre after a major refit in 2011.

“Over the years the building has gone through a number of redesigns andthis new look is part of our commitment in supporting the local community.We hope it offers the chance for visitors and local people alike to comeand learn about offshore wind and the positive impact it has had on thearea of Great Yarmouth.”

The ScrobySands Visitor Centre attracts upto 30,000 visitors a year and is located on North Drive in Great Yarmouth.It is open seven days a week from 10am to 4pm between Good Friday and theend of October.

The ScrobySands offshore wind farm is located2.5km from the Great Yarmouth coast, and is owned and operated E.ON. Theplant was fully commissioned in December 2004 and is comprised of 30 2MWV80-2.0Vestas turbines which generateenough electricity to supply 41,000 households.

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