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EU raises sustainability goals

TheEU member states and the European Commission want 32% of all generatedenergy to be sustainable by 2030. They also want it to be easier forhouseholds and businesses to generate this energy on their own.

The new target is higher than the one the Commission had proposed at theend of 2016. Brussels argued for a raise to a 27% share, where asthe European Parliament wanted an even higher percentage of sustainablygenerated energy of 35%

With this deal the parties meet in the middle. The agreements contributeto the goals in the climate agreement in Paris and the EU´s ambition tobecome number one in the field of sustainability worldwide.

The new target applies to the whole EU, with member states having to submitindividual plans stating how they will contribute.

"Sustainable energy is good for Europe", says climateand energy commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete. "This deal isa hard-won victory and this new ambition will provide more jobs, lowerenergy costs for consumers and less energy imports." Offshore News, Windfarms