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Floating wind asks questions

TheMaine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted to review Maine Aqua Ventusterms for its two-turbine R&D project off of Monhegan Island.

Maine Aqua Ventus say that UMaine is extremely committed to this project,and that itself is confident that it can answer the PUC”s questions toestablish a PPA that allows the project to move forward as soon as possible.

The PUC will issue an order in the next several weeks that includes specificrequests for additional information. Maine Aqua Ventus will take the opportunityto provide additional information in support of a Power Purchase Agreement.

The Ocean Energy Act was passed unanimously by the State Legislature in2010. Following this, the Maine voters approved an $11 million bondto move the project forward.

The American Jobs Project issued a report in June 2018 that estimates theproject can help produce more than 2,100 Maine jobs per year through 2030.

Four years ago, when the PUC approved the draft term sheet, there was nooffshore wind industry in the United States. Earlier this month, Massachusettsawarded an 800MW offshore wind project, Rhode Island awarded 400MW offshorewind project, and New Jersey”s governor signed into law 3,500MW of offshorewind by 2030. Offshore News, Windfarms