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Floating wind´s second Japanese test

Ideol,with the use of uploading a photo, announced that its second floating offshorewind turbine demonstrator in Japan is ready to towed to sea for testing.

Ideol already has two floating demonstrators, built locally in France andJapan. Ideol”s patented technology is designed to operate with both currentand future large-scale wind turbines.

The project, led by NEDO, aims to redesign Japan´s energy mix followingthe fukushima disaster. To do so reducing the cost of floating technologyby 2020 is one of the priorities of Japan´s Ministry of Economy, Tradeand Industry (METI).

Ideol´s scope of work on the project is the design and engineering of thetwo foundations being tested, one of which is in steel, the other concrete.Not only this but, also the support for construction and installation ofone of the demonstrators. Offshore News, Windfarms