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Scottish-Dutch work together for wind measurements

Oldbaum,the Scottish company offering customised solutions for wind measurementsand analyses, and the Dutch-based Pondera have formed a partnership withthe aim to meet the increasing demands of wind measurements for the comingyears.

The collaboration will allow both companies to offer different kinds ofwind measurements for both the onshore and offshore wind markets. Ponderasay they want to use the partnership to break into new markets.

Hans Rijntalder, CEO of Pondera Consult said: “We already do wind measurementsfor onshore projects. This collaboration allows us to also offer specializedsolutions for offshore wind measurements to our customers. Oldbaum arerenowned worldwide for their wind measurements and are known as a highquality firm.

"We intend to use this collaboration to start operating in the Americanand Asian markets. Apart from measurements for the prediction of on- andoffshore wind climates, we also focus on the operational phase of windfarms. For example: we can now use special Nacelle based LiDAR”s and Oldbaum”swind analyses to help existing offshore wind farms to optimize their windturbines output.”

Andy Oldroyd, CEO of Oldbaum said: “Oldbaum”s services are excitedby the opportunity to partner with Pondera to bring a wide range of servicesand experience to the onshore and offshore marketplace.

"Oldbaum Services have a strong track record in delivering innovativeLiDAR program”s and this approach and philosophy matches well the historyand experience of Pondera allowing us to present a responsive and technicallyexcellent service.” Offshore News, Windfarms