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Siemens expands Taiwanese support

TaiwanInternational Windpower Training Corporation (TIWTC) and Siemens GamesaRenewable Energy (SGRE) have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to collaboratein establishing Global Wind Organization (GWO) training center in Taichung.

The agreement demonstrates SGRE”s intention to contribute to the GWO trainingcenter project in Taichung. With this Siemens Gamesa expands its supportto the offshore wind industry in Taiwan and the APAC region.

The company is currently preparing for the installation of the turbinesat the Formosa1 Phase 2offshore wind power plant in 2019 and was awarded preferred supplier forthe Yunlinoffshore wind power project.

Therefore with the establishment of a GWO training centre in Taichung,Siemens is preparing for the future projects by training local offshorewind technicians.

The signing of the LoI with the wind turbine manufacturer TIWTC followsSiemens´ engagement with Taichung International Ports Corporation in 2017for the preparation of the Taichung harbour for offshore wind business,and later with Yeong Guan Energy Technology Group and Swancor Holding order to build up the local supply chain.

The non-binding LoI covers the collaboration of TIWTC and SGRE on the implementationof international GWO training programs. Siemens Gamesa also intends touse the centre for the training of its staff in Taiwan. A timeline hasnot been set for finalisation of the cooperation agreement.

“It is excellent news that there will be a GWO training center in Taiwan.This can become a driver in creating long term local value for the region,”said Niels Steenberg, SGRE General Manager for offshore in the APAC region.“With a confirmed order for 2019, and having already been selectedpreferred supplier in the later years, we will soon need to train our technicians.Being able to do so in Taichung would be the ideal scenario.”

TIWTC was established earlier in May 2018, as a joint-venture between TIPC,Taiwan Power Company (TPC), CWind Taiwan, China Steel Corporation (CSC),China Ship Building Corporation (CSBC), and Swancor Renewable Energy Co.(Swancor).

The company”s purpose is to set up a GWO training center in Taichung harbor,in order to provide courses to domestic and international wind power industrypersonnel. Start of construction is planned for Q3 2018, in order to enablethe beginning of trial operations as soon as Q1 2019.

Chung Yingfeng, the chairman of Taiwan International Windpower TrainingCorporation added that: “The collaboration established through thisLetter of Intent will help bringing the training courses closer to theneeds of the industry. Thanks to the practical track record of SGRE andtheir experience with regards to health, safety and environment (HSE),we expect to improve our personnel training service in order to cultivatelocal talents for offshore wind energy operations.” Offshore News, Windfarms