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WindConnector LoI signed

TheSwedish energy company Vattenfall and the Dutch-German network operatorTenneT will investigate the technical feasibility, the advantages and thechallenges in the area of ​​legislation and regulations of a possiblecross-border electricity connection (interconnector).

The connection will be between an offshore station in the designated IJmuidenVer windfarm area, the Dutch part of the North Sea, and an offshore station ofVattenfall in British waters.

The concept of connecting offshore transport infrastructure for wind energyby means of a cable that also functions as an interconnector is referredto by the partners as ´WindConnector´.

The construction of a high-voltage cable between the two planned offshorestations can contribute to the further integration of the British and Dutchelectricity markets, because more electricity can be traded between thetwo markets thanks to efficient use of the transport infrastructure forwind energy.

By using already planned transport systems for multiple purposes (interconnectionand transport of offshore wind power), less investment is needed than fora traditional interconnector between the two countries.

Gunnar Groebler, Senior Vice-President of Wind Energy at Vattenfall: "Vattenfallis a leading player in the sector that is constantly expanding its activitiesin the field of wind energy. It was therefore a conscious and obvious choiceto take the initiative for this research together with TenneT. Major investmentsare needed to build infrastructure for offshore wind energy.

"With a smart solution such as the WindConnector, we can optimallyuse our assets for competitive and affordable offshore wind energy. Thatis good news for the sector, and certainly also for consumers. Thanks tothe collaboration with TenneT, the experts within both organizations cancarefully assess the feasibility of the WindConnector concept."

Wilfried Breuer, Director TenneT Offshore: "In order to achievethe objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement, we need to speed up thedevelopment of large wind farms at sea. Scale size and affordability requiresmart, efficient solutions and close international cooperation.

"This research is carried out jointly by a European energy companyand a European grid operator, both of whom have extensive offshore experience,and this will prove very valuable in the further development of offshorewind energy. "

Vattenfall and TenneT have signed a letter of intent that forms the basisfor their cooperation in the execution of the WindConnector research. Theresults are expected to be published in the second half of 2018.

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